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Tech Comm Tools

    Docs, video and rich media – it’s all about the content!
  • Learn to create content, deliver it, and tell people about it.
  • Learn to create and deliver rich documentation to web and eLearning platforms.

I speak regularly on using video for documentation and on using social media to promote content awareness.

You’ll find quite a bit of useful content here, and you can also visit my Tech Comm Tools YouTube channel at

Learn how to integrate print, online, and mobile content and delivery!

Social Media

You need to connect with your customers, and creating an online brand helps drive awareness and traffic to your content. I can help you work through what is important to you to optimize the return on your social media investment.Learn about available online classes or customized brand creation and coaching options available.

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eLearning can be many things to many people. Learn how to create interactive software simulations, upload to learning management systems, do screencast recordings, and “PowerPoint” recordings (complete with video, zooms, and cut-aways). In-person or via remote conferencing, you can quickly learn to create your own professional video content.

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Tech Comm

Say goodbye to long, dry, boring manuals! These days tech comm means mobile delivery, video, rich media, and live 3D models. It is consistently structured content that is easily updated by an entire team (or a team of 1!). Let me show you how to create a documentation set that is easily managed, and meets the goals of your organization.

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