Meeting face to face

As wonderful as it is to work in a virtual office, I’m taking this afternoon to go meet with a vendor face to face. I like face-to-face meetings (when possible) because they keep me connected with my business. They remind me why I do what I do.

face to face meeting

Heading to Solana Beach

An added bonus: Today I got to hop on a train at the nearby Amtrak station, for the one hour trip to Solana Beach. That gave me the time to write this post and enjoy the coastline views on the Pacific Surfliner. Heck, I may start intentionally booking clients down south, just to ride the train!

I love how things work out sometimes!

I reached out to my vendor, The Sales Solution, for only the first time yesterday to help me out with some lead pages for my website. Lead pages are pages specifically designed to rank well in search engines for a specific topic. In my case, they’ll promote some of the training I do, with the purpose of getting potential customers to contact me directly.

The Sales Solution is based in Phoenix, AZ. It is the collaboration of Donte Ormsby and Costa. They obviously feel the same way about client meetings as I do; they were already scheduled to make the six hour drive to San Diego today for a client meeting!

The story of this meeting goes back farther than that. It is a follow-up to Donte’s presentation at the STC Summit, which I attended in Atlanta a few years ago. I was impressed by Donte and his idea, even though at the time it didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the tech comm conference.

Donte has an interesting company. He and his business partner Costa analyze small businesses.  They look at the content of the site, and the services that the client provides. Then they create for them search engine optimized (SEO) landing pages with contact forms. Most of the Sales Solution’s clients see a great increase in inbound lead generation, so I’m hoping with their help I can drive additional business for my training and dev services. Assuming we’re successful, I would like to extend the effort to and the related products and services on that site.

Given the unique nature of what Donte provides, I’m also going to recommend to him that he establish an affiliate marketing program, so I can write more about my experience and try to drive business to his valuable service. Until then, I still highly recommend The Sales Solution, and if you check them out, please let them know you heard about them through me.

Heading back home

As I expected, our meeting went quite well. We had already confirmed that The Sales Solution would be working up a report on and on, so this was more about gathering intel than about closing the sale. I was struck by how much the right questions will determine the quality of the website analysis.

The three of us got along quite well, and I look forward to getting the results of their work in the next week or so. Once that happens, we can move forward on the page generation and see how well the pages convert.

I would like to see the pages ramp up my training volume in the short term, which would increase the amount of money I can invest back into the websites to improve their standalone revenue. If all goes as planned I can turn one or both of my sites into a revenue generating asset, rather than simply a marketing engine for my services. If you’d like updates of my progress, be sure to subscribe to my email list. Not only will the new posts show how much progress I’ve made, but I will also be creating posts like this to update you on my progress. Wish me luck!